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Amherst Case Study

Case Study: Amherst.com

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Amherst Securities Group is a conservative, data-driven broker-dealer which foresaw the financial crisis and avoided disaster for the firm and its clients. It thus became one of the go-to resources for investors in the markets for mortgage-backed securities and other structured finance products. The leaders of Amherst have become sought-after advisors to the Executive and Legislative branches of the U.S. government seeking clarity and solutions to the crisis.

For a firm whose leaders are reluctant to draw attention, build a sophisticated brand warranted by its higher profile and keep emphasis on its ability to make sense of the data.

Position Amherst as the most insightful strategic advisors by leveraging Amherst’s discipline and leadership.

A website designed as their primary communication tool in order to reach customers, prospects, recruits, employees, press, and media. In a strict regulatory environment, multiple business units are reconciled under one marketing brand with a content management system that allows non-technical staff to update the site. A sophisticated newsroom showcases press mentions and videos of Sean Dobson and Laurie Goodman testifying before Congress. Strategy Publications offer glimpses of the kind of analysis which has made Amherst famous. The Community Outreach page places Amherst among peers in giving back to the communities in which its employees live and work.